Deer and Wild Hog Hunts

At Hawkeye you will have the opportunity for East Texas whitetail deer and wild hog hunts from our blinds along the Huana Creek. Feeders are maintained year round to attract a high volume of deer and pigs. Whitetail deer are harvested during the Texas Parks and Wildlife Northern Zone hunting season; hogs may be taken any day of the year.

Wild Hog and Whitetail Deer Hunt Blind Setups

Guides will transport hunters to and from the blinds for both morning and evening hunts. All blinds accommodate two adults comfortably so that hunters may request the services of a guide if desired.

At the conclusion of your whitetail deer or wild hog hunt, guides will help retrieve all game harvested and will dress them as required. Guests may choose to leave a “trophy kill” with the guide; Hawkeye will arrange processing and shipment.