Quail Hunting Packages

Hawkeye offers two different opportunities to hunt quail in the Piney Woods of East Texas.  As part of a mixed bird hunt, Hawkeye places twenty-five (25) quail, two (2) chukars, and two (2) pheasants per hunter out in the hunting fields in a manner most resembling a wild bird hunt.  Hunters are guaranteed these numbers of birds but also have the opportunity to shoot any birds in the area that previous hunters missed.

Our guests can also request a quail only field hunt where we will place thirty (30) quail out in the field.  The picturesque deep East Texas Piney Woods gives a vivid hunting backdrop for all hunters to enjoy.  With a preferred two-to-one hunter-to-guide ratio, you can enjoy walking behind our bird dogs and watching them point.

During the off-season, careful attention is given to maintaining the hunting fields to produce ideal hunting conditions for our winged hunts.  This includes brush hogging and sometimes burning fields and pastures to cut back growth and create ample shooting lanes for hunters.

Bird hunting at Hawkeye takes place from October through March.  Let us help you plan a day hunt, or better yet, plan an overnight group trip where you and your friends and colleagues can come hunt, shoot clays, fish and relax.