Texas Bird Hunting

The picturesque deep East Texas Piney Woods gives a vivid hunting backdrop for all hunters to enjoy. From October first to early April, Hawkeye offers a variety of Texas bird hunting packages for hunters to choose from. Our most popular bird packages include traditional walk-up hunting with a chance at Chukar, Pheasant and Quail hunting in Texas while hunting with experienced guides and trained field hunting dogs.

During the off-season careful attention is given to maintaining the areas to produce ideal hunting conditions for our winged hunts. This includes brush hogging and sometimes burning fields and pastures to cut back growth and allow ample shooting lanes for hunters.

Quail Hunting Dog

Pheasant, Chukar and Quail Hunting in Texas

Pheasant Tower Shoots have been a staple at Hawkeye for decades. Pheasant are released from a tower and hunters are placed in stationary positions rotating through all twelve stations by the time the hunt is completed. This is the ideal activity for large groups hunting as a team. Each station gives a different glimpse and challenge depending on foliage growth.

Chukar Shoots are held at the wobble trap. Chukars are released by air cannon in a challenging and competitive way. Spectator seating is provided under a metal roof enclosure for guests to view their friends and family.

Packages have been designed to give guests many choices from length of visit to range of shooting styles. Hawkeye Hunting Club will tailor any guest’s stay to the exact specifications necessary to ensure the ultimate Texas bird hunting experience.